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Why you absolutely need hosting

by Jen

Can I be honest with you, I absolutely resisted having hosting for the longest time.


Let’s start at the beginning. Why was I even worrying about hosting in the first place? Well I really needed to work from home. I have two really sweet kiddos with crazy sports schedules and it was proving harder and harder to hold down a 9-5 job. I looked at so many different options but the very best one was to set up my blog that I had been wanting to do for year and years (and years).

And I did it, but now here I was, at home, all by myself with my computer having to figure IT ALL OUT! And it’s intimidating! I was used to always have an “IT person” in my working career.

And to be honest I made some blunders, quite a lot of blunders before I got it right.

So let me help you navigate your way to success. Sometimes you just need an ally in this whole process. I want to make it really easy for you to understand that you CAN DO THIS! You too can work from home and run your own Blogging Business.

Together we will get you on the right track and make it simple and easy.

So getting back to hosting, how incredibly foolish I was. And I wish I could turn back time and set up my blog correctly in the first place.


So really why do you actually need it?

It’s the back end boring side of a business that, when it fails, you realize is so, so important.

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Let’s look at it like this: web hosting is a place to store your website.

It’s like renting space in an office park. You pay the rent for the office space knowing that the managers of the building are going to take care of all the boring but important stuff such as fire prevention and control, maintenance, security etc.

If you are not hosting, it means that Google, WordPress or whoever own your website and all the information on it. They can take your website down without any warning.

Also when you look at a name and it is not blahblahblah.com and instead is blahblahblah.blogspot.com it tells people you are not making enough money to invest in your business or that you don’t care enough about your business to invest in it. And this might be very untrue but perception becomes reality.

Your website is the portal to EVERYTHING about your business and it needs to be set up correctly and you need to protect it.

You wouldn’t leave your front door open all night would you? Wouldn’t you feel a little bit uncomfortable? Well, it’s the same thing by not have HOSTING. Your business and everything that you associate with it are vulnerable.

Here are some of the limitations of free platforms:

  1. Unprofessional look – Using a free service will make you look unprofessional because your domain URL will contain the domain name of the free platform you are using.
  2. Themes – You will be restricted to use the free themes that the platform offers, which might not be suitable or good enough for your content.
  3. No Ads – In order to use the free service you have to agree to its terms and conditions. In 90% of the cases, you will not be able to place ads on your blog or will be allowed to use their ads only. That way, you will be restricted from making money out of your blog.
  4. Limited Control – the free platforms offer limited resources (bandwidth, space, and video time) as well as a few capabilities. You will not be able to optimize your website, extend its functionalities, download plugins, etc.
  5. No SEO features – one really big setback of the free blogging platform is that they do not allow you to optimize your website for search engines, which is a serious obstacle for driving more traffic to it.

So let’s look at how a self-hosted service will make your blog look more professional and why you will be taken more seriously.

The advantages of a self-hosted blog:

  1. Professional domain  – The short and clean URL shows your readers that you are doing a real business and blogging is not just your hobby.
  2. SEO Optimization – Owning your website will provide you with limitless capabilities to optimize it for search engines, which will result in attracting more readers to your blog.
  3. A wide variety of themes– You will no longer be restricted to use templates that are not suitable for your content. You will be able to build and design your website the way you want by choosing from the vast array of beautiful and stylish themes over the Web.
  4. Functionalities – Another reason for self-hosting your blog is the extra functionality features you will be provided with.
  5. Ads – With the self-hosted blog you will have a full control of your content and will let you monetize it.

Once I decided that I was a fool for not having hosting, I started to do some research to see which company was the best one for me. The cost was definitely a factor but I wasn’t going to buy the cheapest hosting just for the sake of a few dollars.

The biggest name out there is Bluehost but when I started to do some research there were some issues, the main one is that it is owned by a big holding company which doesn’t always bode well for great client relationships.

But there was a name that kept popping up which was TMDHosting. It was actually cheaper than the big name brands but what you got for your money was so amazing.

Their customer service is phenomenal. A chat box will pop up when you are on their main page and they will happily answer any of your questions.

One of the main advantages for me was that they provide a free WordPress framework to design your blog. I have used both Blogger and Squarespace and whilst Squarespace is beautiful you really need to be quite tech-y to get it to look amazing and I never quite achieved that (it’s also quite expensive, I was paying $16 a month).

WordPress is FREE with hosting and it is just so freaking easy to use, thank goodness, when it’s just you and your computer you want everything to be as simple as possible.

Be sure to sign up for hosting, if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them.


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Why you need hosting #tmdhosting
Why you need hosting #tmdhosting

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