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Wide Leg Pants are Universally Flattering

by Jen

How to wear Wide Leg Pants that are always flattering

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Updated: October 2019

Palazzo or wide leg pants hide a multitude of sins. They really are universally flattering.

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If you are on the petite side, or like me with shorter legs and longer body (thanks Dad!) then be sure to tuck in your top to avoid being swamped and create length.

They do work best with heels, you need to elevate a little bit to create length.

All Black, always a great idea. Perfect for work.

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I  love the color of these pants and the on-trend top which I couldn’t in a million years wear but I would wear a white or cream top, just hiding my (baby induced) midriff.


I absolutely love, love, love this look. These pants are so gorgeous and I love how they are tied at the waist.

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This is a beautifully classic look, the striped top is so on-trend at the moment and white wide leg pants would be a great investment.

TB Dress


These pants from ASOS are great because they are ankle skimming. They are wonderful weekend pants.


A super stylish and incredibly elegant look. This such a timeless look.

pasted image 0 291


All cream/taupe. This is an especially lovely look if you have a formal event to go to, I think it even would pass the wedding grade.

pasted image 0 284


I think this is my most favorite look of all. I just adore the wide leg pants that skim the ankle and the beautiful off the shoulder navy top, it’s such a stunning but relaxed look.

pasted image 0 296


You might want to try one of these options, click on the link if you want a closer look:

I hope you are inspired, let me know which was your favorite and if you were able to find some wide-leg pants that you love.

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