Preserved Boxwoods are an ideal decor item in your home

Preserved Boxwoods for an elegant home So you don’t like faux or silk flowers and the real deal are crazy expensive (as in they look great for 24 hours (and then die faster than a cockroach discovered in my house) where do you turn? What a (first world) dilemma. But fear not, I have the most perfect solution for you!


They are amazing! They are very classic looking and seriously last forever. I bought a wreath to hang permanently on an oversized mirror in my hallway. I bought the wreath in 2013 and it still looks incredible, almost 5 years later. AND I live in Texas so by rights (and by looking at my garden) it should be dead as a dodo. But it looks as fresh as the day I bought it.

I actually bought it because we rented out our house to a Hollywood production company! I think I’ve signed something a long time ago which means I can’t say anything more but it was super fun!

There are so many, many different variations of preserved boxwood, they are not cheap but if you divide how long they last by the same amount of flowers, the deal is real.

Preserved boxwood is made by dipping the boxwood plant in a gylcerin and dye solution.

If you wanted to make your own this is a great explanation of how to do it.

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Here are my Top 10 favorite preserved boxwoods

This is the wreath that I bought. I think I paid the same price for it back in 2013.


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I really love Ballard designs collection and their pots are timeless.

pasted image 0 343

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Sigh, I do think Restoration Hardware rule the boxwood world. They are always so beautiful and they have such a variety you can always find one to suit your needs.

pasted image 0 345

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How cute is this? I have never seen a boxwood garland before. This is divine.

pasted image 0 339

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These would make such an amazing gift! And they are packaged up already.

pasted image 0 344

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I like this wrap of twigs around this boxwood, it makes it feel both rustic and sophisticated.

pasted image 0 346

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If you just want a round ball to put on top of a planter, then this one is perfect.

pasted image 0 340

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I also love the look of this Crate and Barrell topiary.

pasted image 0 341

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This is super cute and perfect for a hostess gift.

pasted image 0 342

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Finally, I love the stone planters of these.

pasted image 0 347

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I hope you loved the roundup of Boxwoods. Did you have a favorite one? 

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Preserved Boxwoods for an elegant home