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Learn to Bullet Journal Series Lesson 2: Who can Benefit from Bullet Journaling?

by Jen

Who Can Benefit from Bullet Journaling, I know it will be you!

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In today’s busy world, where we have to keep track of lots and lots of information, almost anyone can benefit from bullet journaling.

This particular system of staying organized has some unique properties that make it particularly helpful for people who thrive on lists and appreciate a non-digital system.

Are you like me and write down lots of bits of information on scraps of paper? Do you have endless lists started on the back of old envelopes (if you answer no we probably can’t be friends, just joking!)

Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide if bullet journaling is right for you (I bet it will be!)

If You Use To-Do Lists Bullet Journaling May Be For You

If you’re a fan of to-do lists and have one sitting at your desk or your kitchen counter, then a bullet journal may work very well for you.

Think of it as a large, ongoing to-do list that also helps you keep track of appointments, grocery lists and the likes.

And since it’s all in one journal, no more frantic searches for that little list that held everything you needed to do today. (That is unless you misplace your journal – but that will be a bit easier to find than a piece of scrap paper).

If You Are Looking For An Analog System Bullet Journaling May Be For You

 I am a visual learner and if you are too then you will really love Bullet Journaling.

Our electronic devices are great, but sometimes you want to go back to pen and paper. If you want an organized, easy to deal with a system that requires no batteries or Wi-Fi, then this will be a good fit for you.

Even if you think your Google Calendar handles everything for you, I would like to encourage you to give this a try. When we write things down in our own handwriting it has a profound influence on our sub-conscious so we are more likely to follow through.

If You’re Looking For a Creative Outlet Bullet Journaling May Be For You

If you are looking for a creative outlet but you just don’t have the time to sit down and sketch, paint, or create, then bullet journaling may be a good fit for you. As you plan your day, you can let out your creative side as you doodle and decorate your daily pages. Of course this is completely optional.

If You Feel Like You’re Keeping Track Of Too Much “Stuff” In Your Head Bullet Journaling May Be For You

Do you have a constant running tally in you head of everything you need to do and remember today? That takes up a lot of brain space.

I remember having a massage once and the masseuse asked me what I was thinking about and I had to confess I was going over my shopping list in my head, haha!

A bullet journal may be the perfect solution because it helps you jot down all those appointments, to-dos, meetings, and ideas you don’t want to forget as they come up.

Writing them down allows you to forget about them and stop running that constant long list of stuff in your head that you need to remember. Just think of what you can do with all that extra brain capacity and how much less stressed you’ll feel when you stop to worry about forgetting something.

If You Need Something Mobile Bullet Journaling May Be For You

A big advantage of the bullet journal is that it’s nothing more than a notebook and a pen. You can sit down anytime, anywhere to plan, check on your progress through the day, or add a new line item. There’s no need to hunt down a power outlet and it works just fine in bright sunlight.

Frankly it’s nice sometimes to unplug and get some thinking done away from your computer or smartphone.

Even if you don’t count yourself in all or even most of these groups, I encourage you to give it a try. You may not think of yourself as a list or “pen and paper” type person, but may find that this is just what you needed to stay on top of everything that’s thrown at you on a daily basis.


Let me know if you get started with one!

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who can benefit from bullet journaling

Who Can Benefit from Bullet Journaling, I know it will be you!

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