The Best Gray Paint for North South Facing Homes

Don’t stress about finding the best gray paint for North South facing homes, these are the best ones and I’ve used them all in my own home.

My friends will tell you that I have such a “thing’ for paint. I am always looking for walls to paint and I love choosing different colors.

Personally (and this is NOT a sponsored post), I love Benjamin Moore paint. I can’t quite explain it but I think they have a depth of color that is not found in other paints.

I’m not a paint specialist, I just have very defined ideas of what I like and it’s mainly gray and taupe colors. And I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to gray and taupe paint colors.

These are the colors that I have in my house and I love every single one of them.

Note: The direction that your house faces impacts the light on your walls.

My house is North South facing and these colors work beautifully.

Also, I thought gray and taupe would be waning a little but the trend seems to have hung on, like forever!

I have neutral flooring (bamboo wood and some light tile) and I painted my kitchen white. My ceilings are Behr Almond Cream and they were that color when we moved in and these colors match perfectly.

I have subsequently moved from this house but the new owners actually wrote me a letter saying how much they loved the paint colors and they were not going to change them at all!

Below each color suggestion, I have sourced pictures from Pinterest so that you can see the color in a variety of situations.

Revere Pewter

My all-time favorite: Revere Pewter. I have this in my kitchen and in my study (slightly darker)

Best Gray Paint For North / South Facing Rooms


Depending on the light, there are very subtle undertones to Revere Pewter.

When I look at this picture from Dear Lillie, it has a slight green undertone. This is what it looked like on my walls but I loved it, especially in my kitchen with white kitchen cabinets.

Best Gray Paint For North / South Facing Rooms


In this bathroom, it looks very light with maybe a hint of purple but not enough to make it look blue.

Best Gray Paint For North / South Facing Rooms


I especially love it in this room. It doesn’t have any undertones and reads as a perfect “greige”

pasted image 0 59


Edgecomb Gray

Second all-time favorite: Edgecomb Gray

This is on all my common area walls and in my living room. If you look at the paint chip with these colors you will see they are adjacent to each other.

pasted image 0 50


pasted image 0 56


pasted image 0 58


pasted image 0 61


pasted image 0 64


Stonington Gray

pasted image 0 49

I fell in love with this image and knew that I had to have Stonington in my house somewhere.

I had originally “color matched” (never a good idea to be honest) a weird taupe color for my son’s room that veered towards the pink (I know!!) and so I decided that his room got to be Stonington and it’s stunning!

pasted image 0 65




pasted image 0 48


pasted image 0 51


Coventry Gray

This is a true blue gray. I used it in my bedroom, master bath and will carry it on into my closet. Since my bedroom is not visible to the rest of the house I felt like I could paint it whatever color I liked and this seemed so restful and peaceful and it is!

pasted image 0 70


pasted image 0 69


pasted image 0 66


pasted image 0 47


pasted image 0 54



I searched “taupe paint Belgian look” on Pinterest and came across this image on the House Beautiful site.

pasted image 0 67

If you are searching on Pinterest for more images about this paint, also look at Smokey Taupe because that was it’s previous name.

I used this in my kid’s bathroom and the laundry room.

It’s a beautiful Belgian linen look!

pasted image 0 55


pasted image 0 68


pasted image 0 62


pasted image 0 60


Final thoughts on the best gray paint for North/South homes

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of my best gray paint for North / South facing houses.  I would love to know which one is your favorite and if you’ve used any in your home.

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Don’t stress about finding the best gray paint for North South facing homes, these are the best ones and I’ve used them all in my own home.


  1. Tracy Stout
    / 3:55 am

    Well, I’ve got a North (with a tad east) facing home. I spent $176 at SW today for Extra White for kitchen cabinets and primer, and Nebulous Gray for kitchen walls.

    I have scoured Pinterest for months for the best combination of colors. Never, in all that time did I se anything about the importance of which was your home faces. Until today and that’s all I’ve seen.

    I feel like I’ve made yet another mistake!

    • Jen
      / 4:14 pm

      Picking paint colors is one of the hardest things to do!! And light plays such an important role in how the color looks in the end. But I think you have done great! I couldn’t find a SW Nebulous Gray but I did find a Nebulous White that has a hint of gray in it. If that is the color you are using it is going to make the Extra White pop and look stunning. I would love for you to send me a pic of how it turns out [email protected]. Thanks for reading the blog and being part of the GwG community xx

  2. / 12:40 am

    Can you recommend a warm white for an exterior that faces south? I am trying to find a white that’s not too bright or gray, but also that doesn’t look yellow or pink. I want a soft white for the exterior of my home (black windows) with wood accents in the gables. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Jen
      / 9:12 pm

      Hi Jen, your house is going to look beautiful, what a stunningly classic combo of black windows, white and wood! I have a few options for you. I was also looking for a non-stark white without undertones to paint my porch that we had built when we moved in. I have a lovely paint person that I like and she recommended the Valspar One Coat Exterior Stain and Sealer in All Weather White and it looks lovely (it is South Facing). We are on a corner lot and I didn’t want anything to be too bright and in your face and 18 months down the line it is still looking lovely, there are no undertones that I can see. Also check out these two blogposts which might be useful too: + Good luck, you are going to make the right choice xx

    • / 2:07 am

      I love all your colors! My downstairs living room dining kitchen area all faces North and I had the hardest time finding a grayish color that didn’t turn purple. Can you tell me what direction your bedroom faces so I know if that paint will work in mine. Thanks a bunch

      • Jen
        / 3:56 pm

        Hi, thanks so much! Choosing paint colors can be so difficult! My bedroom in the house I am referring to (we have subsequently moved) was North facing. I painted it Coventry Gray and I have some examples of that color on the blog post. The room was at the back of the house and was heavily shaded by trees so Coventry Gray read quite blue on the walls but it was definitely not purple at all. I loved it, it was a very peaceful color and perfect for a bedroom and would be a great match for any accent color, I mixed in white, linen and touches of gold. If you find it a bit dark you can always ask them to mix it slightly lighter at 75% or 50%. A tip though, always photograph your formula so that if you run out of paint you can get the exact same formula mixed up. I learned that the hard way 🙂 Good luck, it’s going to be beautiful, Jen

  3. Virginia MI Fullerton
    / 4:09 am

    Lots of great information for the interior. Do you have any gray or greige suggestions for the exterior of a house that faces north?

    • Jen
      / 4:49 pm

      Hi, so exciting to be painting the exterior of your house! I actually would still recommend the 2 best paint colors for North facing which are Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray. Revere Pewter, to my eye, has a very, very slight green undertone to it which I think softens the color a little bit and elevates it from a plain gray or beige. It’s a very multi-dimensional color and I am actually about to paint all my hallways and entrance hallway in RP. Edgecomb Gray, on the other hand, is the ultimate “greige”. It has no obvious undertones to it and is complementary to so many other colors. It is a much lighter color than Revere Pewter so it will just be what you prefer. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Gray / Greige colors if you want to explore even more which you can find here Good luck!!! I would love to hear how it all turns out! Don’t overthink it, you will do great with your choice. Jen xx

  4. Tiffany
    / 2:26 pm

    Hi. I love the article. I have this idea of what I want my home to look like…Warm gray/greige walls, alabaster white trim and dark floors. The problem is my living room sits squarely in the middle of the home and faces North. There are no windows only a sliding patio door that lets in light from the West and kitchen/dining room windows that lets in sunlight from the South and West, respectively.

    The walls are currently a yellow/tan color. I’ve tried Revere Pewter, Agreeable Gray, Mindful Gray, and Light French Gray. They all look too cold with blue or purple undertones.

    I’m thinking of sampling Edgecomb Gray. Can you recommend paint colors that will be warm in the current layout? Thanks so much.

    • Jen
      / 10:08 pm

      Hi! So glad you loved the article but I completely understand how difficult it is to pick paint colors. Mindful Gray and Light French Gray definitely have blue undertones so your eye is really accurate. I have some suggestions for you: I had Edgecomb Gray in my old house and I absolutely loved it. It is a light and subtle color but is most definitely a “greige”. Another suggestion similar to Edgecomb is Gray Owl by Sherwin Williams, it can be a cool color but in some light can read slightly greenish which will warm it up. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is a warmer greige. My friend painted her house in SW Pashmina and she had dark floors with not that much light. It is definitely a warmer greige but just check that it doesn’t read purple or pink in your light. In my new house I have painted my living room SW Functional Gray. It is dark so you would want to go 50% or even 75% lighter. It’s a beautiful neutral that is really warm. My tip for trying out colors is to paint them on whiteboard leaving an inch strip around 3 sides. I then tape the board up against the ceiling (if I don’t want to paint it) and that gives me a better read of the color than if I paint it directly on the wall. Your yellow/tan walls are going to make any sample color read slightly off when you are trying to look at them. I hope this is helpful, good luck, super exciting, it’s going to be amazing!! Jen

  5. Juliana
    / 3:36 pm

    I am trying to pick a paint colour for a condo we’ve never seen! I have Pale Oak and Silken Pine in my current home but the condo faces north so not sure if those two colours will work. I tend to run hot (thank you menopause) so cool tones are my preference. Any thoughts?

    • Jen
      / 6:04 pm

      Hi, congrats on the purchase! Menopause, the club no one really wants to join yet here we are 🙂 I love both those colors you mention but they are both warmish colors, I would focus more on the grays with a bluish undertone. In my previous house my bedroom was north facing and there were quite a few trees. I painted it BM Coventry Gray and loved it! Because it was quite shady the color read quite dark so you might want to go with it 50% lighter. It reads very definitely blue/gray in a north facing room. The 2 colors that I think you would love are SW Light French Gray and BM Stonington Gray. They are both very much grays, which a slight hint of blue undertone which keeps them cool. One last suggestion is SW Storm Cloud which is very dark so you would want to go at least 75% lighter but it is such a stunning color, I have it in my dining room and study, both of which face North. Have fun! Jen

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