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Splendid Spoon Review

by Jen
Splendid Spoon Plant Based Meal Delivery Service Review

Splendid Spoon Review of the Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

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I was so thrilled to receive a Splendid Spoon Box to review.

As a crazy busy Mom of 2 very busy teenagers, the toughest thing for me is trying to eat healthily when I have so many other things to do.

Like most busy Moms I have a tendency to grab food that is quick and generally not that nutritious, think not eating breakfast at all or toast, toast, and more toast!

So first things first, the delivery arrives on your doorstep and is packed with dry ice.

I was at work for most of the day so I don’t know when the delivery was actually left on my doorstep but when I got home in the afternoon it was completely cold.

I am phobic about food going off or not being kept at the right temperature and I was 100% happy with the coldness of the food when I opened the box, even I was surprised at how cold it was, it was like taking it out of the fridge.

Inside the box is a powerhouse of nutrition. I don’t think you could get any more healthy or delicious if you tried.

Splendid Spoon Plant Based Meal Delivery Service Review

The box contained numerous smoothies and containers of soups and grain bowls.

I absolutely love smoothies but I don’t want ones that are packed full of sugar and cause your blood sugar to spike.

You can see the benefits of the Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie:

The smoothies were all so delicious and filling. You know that feeling when you have something healthy and you feel so good about yourself, for an hour and then you are starving and have to find a snack? Well, you don’t feel that way with these ones.

The soups and grain bowls are equally delicious.

Splendid Spoon Plant Based Meal Delivery Service Review

  • Cuban Black Bean Bowl
  • Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl
  • Coconut Curry Rice Bowl
  • Tuscan White Bean and Tomato Bowl
  • Lemon Wild Rice and Broccoli Bowl
  • Brown Rice Taco Bowl
  • Red Lentil Dal

The bowls are packed with flavor and I just loved how I could grab one out of the fridge and microwave it and have a healthy and nutritious lunch in no time at all.

They even look so pretty and colorful, this is the Coconut Curry Rice Bowl that I ate outside on a glorious Spring day.

Splendid Spoon Plant Based Meal Delivery Service Review

One of the things that I LOVED THE MOST is that all the packaging is recyclable! Its the dream, I detest just throwing things away but I could put this all in the recycling which I know you will love too!!

If you are wanting to make a change in your eating habits (like I did after my Breast Cancer diagnosis) then the Splendid Spoon delivery box is going to really help you start your healthy eating lifestyle.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you.

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Splendid Spoon Review of the Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

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