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Self Love when you only have 15 minutes

by Jen

5 things you can do to make you feel relaxed and rested Like you, I feel like I am always running around, crazily busy and if I have 15 minutes to myself it is sheer luxury. 

My husband nags me to take care of myself but really it’s easier said than done.

However, if and when I have a spare 15 minutes I love to do the following and I really hope I can encourage you too. It’s time to take care of yourself!

Bath with Epsom Salts

I love love love having a bath and I especially love a hot, hot bath and I recently read this article about how a hot bath burns up to 130 calories, well isn’t that nice.

Obviously, it’s completely negated if you are drinking those aforementioned calories in a glass of wine. In the bath.

Please be careful though, you can feel a little faint if the bathwater is too hot.

Also, I’m a little strange when it comes to stuff in the bath. I don’t think most of it is good for you and given your skin is just drinking it all in, I like to keep things more natural.

I was given amazing advice from a massage therapist years ago and I swear by it.

I put in a cup of Epsom Salts in the bath. I love this infographic on the benefits of Epsom Salts

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Found Here

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Found Here

Also, you know when you things are not feeling too healthy “down below”, ladies are you with me? I throw in w big scoop of bicarbonate of soda which helps to soothe and alkaline everything. It’s saved me on more than one occasion! This link will explain why it helps so much.

I have two huge glass containers in my bathroom with a gorgeous wooden scoop so I’m never without my supplies for a perfect 15 minute soak.

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You can shop my supplies here:

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Do yoga exercises

I have horrible, horrible neck issues. I’m beginning to think they are as a result of a car wreck a very long time ago when I was at university. Also, I hunch over my computer and lie awkwardly in bed binge watching Netflix on my phone so there is that too!!

But I have found a solution! There are a couple of yoga exercises that help almost immediately, especially if I have a tension headache.

These are my favorites:

I have this yoga deck which I think is just brilliant, so I look at the back of each card and see which exercise will be most relevant.

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Purchase Here

But my most favorite website is Yoga.Com which has videos of all the moves! It’s wonderful. Check them out if you want to see how each one is done.

My best neck poses are:

Child (Garbhasana)

Reclining Spinal Twist (Jathara Parivartanasana)

Bridge (Setu Bandhasana)

Spinal Twist (Matsyendrasana)

Neck Rolls

Lie outside in the sun

As a cancer survivor, I am so aware of the importance of Vitamin D.

I am NOT a doctor but if you want to do more research than have a look at Vitamin D Council Website

This is quote off their website:

Some of the functions of the body that vitamin D helps with include:

  • Immune system, which helps you to fight infection
  • Muscle function
  • Cardiovascular function, for a healthy heart and circulation
  • Respiratory system –for healthy lungs and airways
  • Brain development
  • Anti-cancer effects

Doctors are still working to fully understand how vitamin D works within your body and how it affects your overall health.

I’ve also had a few brushes with skin cancer (sigh, some of us are not genetically blessed!) So always make sure you have the correct amount of sunscreen.

But if I have 15 minutes and it’s not too (Texas) hot, I love to just go outside in the sun for 15 minutes.

You can lie on a yoga mat or if you have trees you need to get an Eno, they are amazing!!

My kids each have one and they are simply amazing. And incredibly strong too. If you have a balcony you could set one up too.

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Purchase Here

Read a magazine

I think everyone thought once the Kindle and iPad took off there would be no need for books or magazines.

But I absolutely love them and the standard of journalism is still really high and there are some really interesting and intelligent writing.

These are my favorite:

Vanity Fair

Did you know you could buy Magazine Subscriptions through Amazon! They make a great gift:

Make something fun and healthy to eat (smoothies are the quickest and easiest)

Something you just want to eat something amazing and the quickest and easiest way to make something yummy is to throw some things in the blender.

When it’s hot in the summer I love fruity drinks, especially mango (I buy big bags of frozen Mango from Costco).

These are my favorite summer combos:

Mango Vanilla Smoothie

pasted image 0 223

Found Here

Healthy Orange Banana Mango Smoothie

pasted image 0 209

Found Here

Pineapple Coconut Mango

pasted image 0 220

Found Here

These are my favorite winter combos:

Hot Smoothies

pasted image 0 215

Found Here

Quaker Oat Smoothie

pasted image 0 207

Found Here

Winter Detox Orange Ginger Tumeric Detox Smoothie

pasted image 0 210

Found Here

I hope you can find 15 minutes in your day to take some time for some self love. Let me know what you love to do.

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5 things you can do to make you feel relaxed and rested

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