Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening In Fabric Pots


Have you always wanted to grow vegetables and have your own edible garden?

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I know lots of people have always wanted to grow vegetables but are daunted by creating an actual vegetable garden.I recently came across this incredible Instagram account called Humans Who Grow Food I just LOVED this post of this wonderful person growing food on a rooftop terrace in India and I thought that was such a great idea – don’t you? We could all easily grow vegetables in bags!

Easy to grow vegetables in fabric pots

Why You Should Grow Vegetables In Fabric Pots

These are a few of the reasons why you should be using fabric pots and not traditional pots:

  1. Fabric pots are completely mobile: you can move them around so your plants will have the best sun/shade ratio.
  2. Promotes air pruning of the roots and prevents roots circling: in fabric pots the roots grow outward and get pruned by light and air and the plants don’t get root bound (and will therefore produce more veggies)
  3. Improves root structure and mass: the air pruning will allow more root growth which in turn allows more nutrients to reach the plant.
  4. Aerates the root zone and regulates temperature: the breathable fabric allows oxygen to reach the roots and soil. This will help keep the temperature cool.
  5. Prevents overwatering: Porous fabric allows water to escape.


YouTube Video comparing tomato plants grown in different types of pots

How to plant vegetables in pots

OK, so maybe this sounds self explanatory but I am such a beginner I don’t even know how many plants to put in each pot.

I was so thrilled to find a website that summarized it all and I thought it would be so useful to type it up so we can print it out and have it close by when we are planting.

You can see it below:

It is in two formats: a PIN —>>> CLICK HERE so that you can save it to your Pinterest board and also a PDF —>>> CLICK HERE that you can download and print.

Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening In Fabric Pots

Shop all your supplies here:

I’m so looking forward to starting my own “Edible Garden” in fabric pots, I hope you are too!

Happy planting!

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Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening in Fabric Pots
Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening in Fabric Pots
Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening in Fabric Pots
Ridiculously Easy Vegetable Gardening in Fabric Pots

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