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by Jen

Welcome to Gorgeous with Grace, a curated lifestyle blog providing you with gracious and insightful content on life and online business.

My name is Jen and if you’ve seen or heard me on videos I have an “accent”: I grew up in South Africa and then moved to the UK after I had graduated from College (I have a Degree in Sociology & Law and a Masters in Urban Planning).

My family (husband and two very sweet kiddos) moved from the UK to the US 9 years ago and it has been an incredible adventure.

I absolutely love being able to work from home. I adore being able to share beautiful content and inspirational business content.

My goal for you is that the beautiful content will give you joy and make your life simply better. The inspirational business content will encourage you on your path to your own online business and possibly living out your dream of working from home.

I always love hearing from you, so please email me at: [email protected].

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Much love, Jen