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Empower Yourself To Make A Change In Your Life Today

by Jen
Empower Yourself To Make A Change In Your Life Today #selfdevelopment #makeachangetoday

Often times we are so overwhelmed with all the day to day responsibilities of life that we overlook that it is so important to take responsibility for ourselves.

That the change that we crave can only really happen once we assume that responsibility.

And yes, it is difficult to make a change but I’m going to encourage you to empower yourself to make a change in your life today.

Are you in?

What does that mean exactly?

Well, have you noticed how you feel when you let yourself “go”? And by that I mean you are not eating well, not exercising, you are not sleeping enough etc. Things start to snowball and you feel so out of control. And then everything seems worse right?

Work is not going brilliantly well, the car breaks or you have a huge house expense, you can’t figure out your kids, everyone’s schedules are out of sync, you can’t seem to focus on anything. Sound familiar?

I’ve been in that place all too often. You just need to take responsibility.

Here is a snapshot of what that looks like:

Stop Whining

Stop whining.

To put that more politely, focus on the positive and not on the negative. Stop sucking your own energy dry.

Literally quit cold turkey now.

I honestly believe we have two choices in life, you are either a “victim” of life in which case the world is always against you or you are a “survivor”.

Being a “survivor” doesn’t mean you have a perfect life, it means that you choose to look for the positive impact in an otherwise not perfect situation.

Once you decide to do this I can honestly tell you the other parts of your life start to fall into place.

What is the Most Important Thing?

Figure out what the most important thing is that you need to do and start there.

Digging oneself out of a hole requires shifting the first handful of sand.

What does that mean in your life? What is the very first thing you need to do to get started with making a difference in your life?

Write it down, big and bold, even if it sounds silly. Be honest with yourself.

Procrastination is not your friend

Be like Nike and “Just Do It”.

Procrastination is suffocating.

It will hold you down and back. Trust me, I am an expert on this.

Like anything that is learned, you have to learn and then practice being a “non-procrastinator”.

Prioritize Your Own Wellbeing

Prioritize yourself first for a couple of days.

The world is not going to fall apart if you give yourself some time to act on these things that I have suggested.

Be Proud of the Small Steps

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

But that each step you take (sometimes literally) is one in the right direction.

Forget about the end goal, be present and conscious of what you have to do right now.

And that’s it! Really and truly, it’s my tried and tested method of getting myself up and running again when I have hit rock bottom.

Remember that joy is more often to be found in the process rather than reaching the goal.

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Empower Yourself To Make A Change In Your Life Today #selfdevelopment #makeachangetoday

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