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Beautiful Treasures at Thift Stores

by Jen

Why really wealthy people shop at Thift Stores

I live in an affluent neighborhood. It was my choice, I wanted good public schools for my kids. It also means I pay through the nose for property taxes etc but that’s another story.

The point is, that my local thrift store is a veritable sea of designer goodness.

Now I know some of you freak out when it comes to Thrift Stores (it’s the smell, I know!) and don’t want to go anywhere near them BUT if you go you might be extremely surprised.


Because rich people shop there too. I am always so amazed at the very elegant and well-dressed woman scouring the racks in my local TS. And the Antique Dealers too.

So let’s have a little think about it. First of all, you really don’t know what you can find and so there is an element of surprise which you don’t really get when you are shopping in a boring department store.

Secondly, there is the thrill of finding something quite amazing for not very much money. Case in point this story about a diamond ring bought for $13 and sold for a whopping $848 000 (no, you did not read the zeros incorrectly!!)

This is also a fun story about outrageously expensive items found at Thrift Stores!

You are saving yourself tons and tons of money!

You are also doing the environment a huge favor, think of all those clothes and unwanted household items that would just be tipped in to landfill.

And finally, you are providing people who ordinarily would not be the employable, jobs. So be kind to them, they are really doing the very best that they able to.

So, with all those things in mind, I DARE you to go to your local Thrift Store and have a look around. Make sure you have your phone with you to look up anything that catches your eye.


Look for these things:

Designer and Vintage Clothes

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Estate Sale Furniture (you can always paint a piece that has good bones)

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Crockery and Cutlery

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Collectible Books

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Original Paintings

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Some of MY most favorite finds from a Thrift Store are:

As new two Ikea Ektorp 3 Seater Sofas for $110 and $20 a piece! The Ektorp sofa retails for $499 new.

8 Piece Setting Lenox Carolina Platinum Dinnerware for $24! A replacement plate is $39.99.

Beautiful Rattan Chair for $20

Original Texas Landscape Painting $10

Signed copy of a WW2 print of a pilot that my husband’s Grandfather flew with! $20 (it is so meaningful to us I’m not sure we could put a price on it!)

As new Power Shredder for my office $10. Retails for $80

French Style Long Wooden Dining Room Table $60.

I hope you have been inspired by my finds, and I would love for you to go and see what you can find.

Happy Thrifting Everyone, let me know how you get on. And don’t forget that you can itemize everything that you take to a Thrift Store and claim it back on your taxes, just don’t forget to get a Tax Receipt.

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Why really wealthy people shop at Thift Stores

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