50 Before 50

Do you love reading other people’s bucket lists? I really do, I find them so inspirational as I hope you will find my own. I thought it would be fun to do a 50 before 50 as I will be turning 50 (I still feel 15 so that’s OK right?) in a few years.

I will update the list as I go along, as well as create a library of the books I’ve read, recipes, movies etc so you can have access to that too.

50 before 50 list

There are lots of different things on this list, I thought I would think outside the box and hope that you are inspired to do the same.

  1. Read 50 Books – all the books I have read are in the SHOP section and I send out a regular newsletter with recommendations
  2. Catch a Sea Trout on a Fly
  3. Travel to Mauritius
  4. Travel to the UK
  5. Plant a Rose Garden – my wonderful MIL helped me plant a rose garden in April 2019
  6. Reach my goal weight
  7. Eat at a top restaurant
  8. Volunteer somewhere I am passionate aboutI have volunteered at the Battered Women’s Shelter in San Antonio, a wonderful organization providing shelter for women and their children escaping abusive relationships.
  9. Go on a cooking course
  10. Reach my goals with my business
  11. Learn to play poker
  12. Finish decorating my house
  13. Play tennis
  14. Run a 5K – I ran the Paint The Park Pink in November 2019
  15. Meditate for 50 days in a row
  16. Travel to Santa Fe
  17. Try 50 new recipes
  18. Learn 5 new piano pieces
  19. Donate to 5 different charities
  20. Plant a Vegetable Garden – I’ve started a veggie garden in fabric pots growing Tomatoes, Beans and Zucchini. Click —>>> HERE to read the blog post about it.
  21. Do a course in something really random
  22. Buy a good camera – I finally got one! Its amazing!!
  23. Bake a pavlova successfully
  24. Have a ring set
  25. Read with intention
  26. Write 1 Gratitude sentence for 50 days
  27. Drink an expensive bottle of champagne
  28. Publish 50 blog posts
  29. Do yoga more regularly
  30. Play more golf (at least 5 full rounds)
  31. Go to bed 50 nights in a row without my phone.
  32. Admit I watch a lot of Netflix and write down everything I’ve watched – I send out a newsletter weekly and let you know everything that I am watching that is awesome.
  33. Go to an awesome concert
  34. Watch my son win a tennis tournamentmy son won 2 tournaments in a row, yay!
  35. Volunteer with my daughter – we volunteer together at the Women’s Shelter
  36. Be more honest about social media
  37. Create a healthy eating plan that works for the whole family.
  38. Join a book clubI was invited to the most amazing book club that I so enjoy
  39. Go to lunch more regularly with friends
  40. Explore the city – I’ve had lots of family come to visit San Antonio and I’ve done lots of exploring
  41. Get to Inbox ZEROI did it! May 2019
  42. Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary
  43. Invest in more Art
  44. Have a tea party
  45. Take a Pottery Class
  46. Visit a Vineyard
  47. Watch kids do well at Sports Tournaments
  48. Create a capsule wardrobe
  49. Be part of something meaningful
  50. Follow my dreams

Do you have a bucket list? I would love to know if there is something that you can’t wait to achieve in your life.

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