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15 Best Quick and Easy Keto Ramen Bowl Recipes

by Jen
Best Quick and Easy Keto Ramen Bowl Recipes

Don’t buy store bought ramen again, these are 15 of the best quick and easy keto ramen bowl recipes.

You are probably like me and literally freaked out that if you started the Keto diet, you would not be able to eat all your favorite foods.

Like Ramen!!!!

There is nothing more delicious than a bowl of steaming hot noodles when it is cold outside or if you just feel like being cheered up.

Once I made the commitment to start eating Keto I instantly started googling all the best “substitute” recipes and there are some lovely ones out there.

So to make your life easier (and happier and generally just more lovely), I have rounded up 15 of the best, quick and easy ramen bowl recipes that are totally divine and definitely Keto!

Tell me which one you love best!!

Quick and easy Keto Ramen Bowl with egg

Photograph: The Keto Queens

This ramen bowl is chock full of good greens and includes delicious protein in a softish boiled egg.

Also lots and lots of really tasty herbs like basil, mint and cilantro. Get the full recipe here

Quick and Easy Keto Chicken Ramen

Photograph by: Broke Foodies

This has everything you need in it to beat the Keto flu, fat minerals, and protein. Although the noodles look like traditional noodles they are actually shirataki mushroom noodles.

So much delicious and healthy protein in the chicken and the eggs. Find the full recipe here.

Quick and easy Keto Beef Ramen

Photograph by The Diet Doctor

This is probably one of the quickest and easiest recipes to make, it really is 5-minute noodles but best of all it is healthy and home cooked food. You can find the full recipe here.

Spicy Keto Ramen Bowl

Photograph by: Perfect Keto

This is delicious and SO incredibly good for you because the base is bone broth.

And it also has a little kick because of the chili paste. You can find the recipe here.

Quick Keto Ramen with poached eggs

Photograph by: All the Nourishing Things

This recipe has lots of lovely anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Find the full recipe here.

7g Carb Keto Chicken Ramen (vs 52g in “regular” ramen)

Photograph by: Bobbis Kozy Kitchen

This ramen bowl has a fabulous ingredient: Sambal Oelek which is an Indonesian chile paste. Bon Appetit says this about it:

Sambal Oelek Is the Hot Sauce That Can Do Everything. You’ve fallen in love with sriracha, but you should be cooking with sambal

So delish! You can read the full recipe here.

Pork Ramen Bowls

Photograph by: Healthy Little Peach

This bowl is full of yummy goodness.

And wonderful bone broth. Get the full recipe here.

Keto Pork Belly Ramen Noodles

Photograph by: Our Counter Top

Oh my gosh, this looks so heavenly. When you are craving Korean food, this is the most perfect solution.

This is not a perfect Keto recipe so substitute coconut aminos for soy sauce. And THIS THREAD has a Keto Korean BBQ sauce recipe. Find the full recipe here.

Keto Tantanmen Ramen

Photograph by: I Heart Umami

This recipe is based around Japanese tantanmen paste which is made using white sesame paste. Get the full recipe here.

Chicken Zucchini Ramen Bowl

Photograph by: Get Inspired Everyday

This looks so lovely and heartwarming. And I absolutely love that it is a poached egg on top, my favorite way to eat eggs! What is yours? Get the full recipe here.

Keto Beef Ramen Bowl

Photograph by: Full Keto

When you are looking for a ramen bowl that is filling but also warming and spicy, then this recipe is just perfect for you.

The recipe is above in its entirety but if you want to download it, find the full recipe here.

Quick and Easy Pork Ramen Noodles

Photograph by: Real Simple Good

Such a wonderful bowl of warming deliciousness. Love the addition of hot sauce to give it a bit of a kick. Find the full recipe here.

Easy Keto Coconut Curry Ramen

Photograph by: Minimalist Baker

I literally can’t wait to make this ramen bowl. Per the website this ramen is:

Perfectly spiced
& Perfect for colder weather

Doesn’t that just sound amazing?! Find the full recipe here

Keto Pho – Low Carb Beef Noodle Bowl

Photograph by: Ketogasm

OK, saved the most incredible one for last. Who doesn’t love a bowl of steaming gloriousness that is Pho?

So delicious and flavorful, it’s all in the broth! Get the full recipe here.

I hope you’ve loved this roundup and find an amazing bowl of noodles that you can make when you are following Keto.

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Best Quick and Easy Keto Ramen Bowl Recipes

Don’t buy store bought ramen again, these are the best quick and easy keto ramen bowl recipes.

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