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Best Blue and White Decor Ideas

by Jen

Stunning Blue and White Home Decor Ideas

Oh my word! I love blue and white decor so much. I really don’t think it ever goes out of fashion?

It is so classic and heirloom-ish (so not a word, apologies to any English Majors reading this). You really don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look at home.

Blue and white decor is actually called CHINOISERIE. Here is the meaning and pronunciation of the Chinoiserie:




noun: chinoiserie the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century.

  • chinoiserie objects or decorations.
  • plural noun: chinoiseries
  • “a piece of chinoiserie”

late 19th century: from French, from chinois ‘Chinese.’

Keep scrolling to the end and I will show you my top 10 blue and white pieces that are under $50 they are so gorgeous.

White Kitchen with blue and white touches

Good grief I love this kitchen. I love white kitchens to begin with and when we moved into our home I made my husband promise that we would paint the kitchen white. We did, I love it! I love the very simple detail of the greenery in the chinoiserie pots. Those chairs though, gorgeous!

pasted image 0 7


Collection of blue and white pots

Again another collection of pots, the more the merrier and you can mix and match patterns.

pasted image 0 13


Olive Leaves in blue and white pots

This collection from One Kings Lane is truly exquisite. I just love the greenery, I think it’s Olive leaves in the pots. You can buy the most amazingly realistic silk olive branches. Have a look here

pasted image 0 18


Simple flowers in blue and white pots

What makes this tablescape is actually the Antique Oak table. The flowers in the chinoiserie pots are divine too, and most of them could be grocery store purchases (but ssshh, don’t tell anyone!)

pasted image 0 24


 Chinoiserie garden stools

Chinoiserie garden stools are so lovely used indoors. They are a perfect place to perch a cup of tea or coffee.

pasted image 0 15


Open shelving and blue and white

The open shelving just cries out for blue and white! I love this example.

pasted image 0 17


Blue and White Thanksgiving Table

I would never have thought to set a Thanksgiving table with blue and white but it’s a perfect combo with orange. This table is stunning with all the blue and white.

pasted image 0 19


Pink Florals with Blue and White

Really all colors pair well with Chinoiserie, it’s what makes it so perfect.

pasted image 0 25


Oranges with Blue and White

Another beautiful tablescape with pops of orange. I simply love the idea of putting the jars in height order, a gorgeous idea.

pasted image 0 14


Eclectic Blue and White

And finally, you really can mix blue and white and be eclectic with your design. I know not everyone agrees with taxidermy but I live in Texas and it’s kind of de rigueur so fortunate that you can make it look more elegant.

pasted image 0 11


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best blue and white decor ideas
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