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10 Best Outdoor Chandelier Ideas

by Jen
Outdoor Chandelier Ideas For A Perfect Wedding Or Event

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I just love outdoor lighting and vintage chandeliers take the cake! These are the 10 best outdoor chandelier ideas that will inspire your wedding or outdoor event. They are so elegant and easy to re-create.

10 Best Outdoor Chandelier Ideas

This outdoor chandelier is so adorable paired with the giant mirrors for an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Found via Bridal Consultant

This is one of my most favorite outdoor spaces ever! It’s perfect in every way, I love the giant table which easily seats 12 and the wisteria hanging through the gazebo. The chandeliers are the ultimate perfect touch.


Found via Teresa Moolman

This candle chandelier is the perfect vintage touch for this romantic wedding under a beautiful old tree. It forms the perfect background.

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Found via Lover.ly

This is also a great romantic wedding picture. The gazebo is so pretty frame with beautiful climbing plants with a chandelier hung right in the middle of it.

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Found via Mod Wedding

I love the combination of the mirror and the chandelier together.

To make the mirror the center point, just hang burlap from key points.

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Found via The Lane

I simply adore the mismatched chairs which work beautifully together.

I especially love the very comfy looking armchairs and I feel like I have the same long dining table (which I found for a steal in a Thrift Shop)

The chandeliers are just hung from the tree trunks by rope. Such a beautiful, big tree, I would love to have that in my back garden.

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Found via Style Me Pretty

This is such a glamorous image. Different styles of chandeliers are strung in the trees above beautiful, stylish, quite modern furniture.

The deck is beautiful overlooking the water.


Found via Inside Weddings

Ah, this is so pretty. Such a gorgeous couch with vintage-inspired decor. The chandelier is so pretty.

I think it would be fairly easy to achieve this look, you really only need an outdoor gazebo and you could use beautiful curtains to frame it.

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Found via Belle The Magazine

What a great idea! The chandeliers are hung along one main pole with curtains on either side. A “faux” gazebo if you will.

Very pretty flowers and a gorgeous spread complete this beautiful look.

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Found via Mooshin Indy

Truly the most glamorous for the last!

Exquisite chandeliers, beautiful sparkly lights, and the most divine table setting.


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Which was your favorite look? Do you have an event in mind that you would like to hang a chandelier outside?

Here are some fun outdoor chandeliers on Amazon:

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Outdoor Chandelier Ideas for an Event or Wedding

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