Stunning Tips to Fake a Tidy Home

Do you live in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome), I certainly do! I’m so busy and I don’t always prioritize tidying my home and then I look around and realize I can’t have anyone over!

Here are my best tips if you are faced with a visit and a messy house. It should take you around 20 minutes to do these quick tasks:

Odor Control

This is one of the easiest things to fix but probably the most overlooked issue.

Especially if YOU HAVE A DOG(S). We love those fur babies of ours and become completely oblivious to the smell of them, but it’s there, and other people will smell it when they walk into your house. I have asked a (very honest)  friend once if they could smell “dog” when they walked into my house and they said yes!! Well, that was it, you have to remember to pretty away the dog smell!

And candles are the best way to do that. You want to be a little mindful of the type of candles you burn in your house as they can actually be quite toxic.

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My favorite brand line of candles is Voluspa and they do have a price range to suit every budget. I use the little ones in my bathrooms and the bigger ones in my hallway.

Their packaging is just so beautiful and the scents are absolutely lovely and not overpowering at all. I have tried so many candles that give me headaches and these do not. Most importantly they burn for a long time.

Here are my favorites:

Wipe Down

Once you’ve sorted out your “smells” quickly wipe down all the counters, taps and mirrors in the bathroom that your guest will be using.

Have a container of wipes under every bath sink (including for the mirror)

I keep different types of wipes under the bathroom counter for this purpose. There is something to be said for shiny taps, they certainly look like the bathroom has been cleaned.

Splash a bit of toilet cleaner in the bowl and leave while you are cleaning the counters. Flush when you are done.

Make sure you have a fresh hand towel. I love Turkish towels and I buy tea towels or kitchen towels to use in my bathroom, I love the look of them!

Here are some supplies for a quick bathroom spruce up:

Clear surfaces in the kitchen

Hide dishes in the oven!

Yep! I have certainly done this one (and then completely forgot about them only to smell them burning when I turned the oven on to cook something! Haha, I am really not perfect!)

Clear counters of equipment but if you don’t have time neaten them up and wipe the counters around them.

Run a hand held dust buster around the edges (where the crumbs gather).

I have this dustbuster which I like, not sure if I love it but it is reasonable and it does do the job. The last time I checked it was $29.99!

pasted image 0 172

Purchase Here

My neighbor has this one and she loves it. It is more of an investment but it’s worth it.

pasted image 0 162

Purchase Here

In the lounge

Plump and arrange cushions where they are supposed to be.

Fold throws.

Use this AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT roller to get rid of dog hair off the sofa. Honestly, this is the only product that has managed to get all the dog hair off quickly and effectively. Not even my vacuum cleaner can get it off as quickly as this thing. It’s genius, and you just rinse it and it becomes sticky again!

pasted image 0 174

Purchase Here

Clear the hallway

Throw all bits and shoes etc either in a basket or in a closet.

pasted image 0 159


If time, sweep the front porch.

pasted image 0 163


Close bedroom doors

pasted image 0 157


This should take you about 20 minutes if you work quickly. It’s a great way of being able to have someone over at a moment’s notice.

Let me know if you have any tips that you use on a regular basis, I would love to know more.

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