15 Awesome Inspirational Quotes For Kids Going Back to School

Words Are Powerful.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never harm me”.

Hmmm, not sure about that quote, if that was the case than most Psychologists would be out of a job!

I’ve always thought words are incredibly powerful, and really can shape your life from the beginning.

Negative vs Postive Language

As a Mom, I was quite specific about my kids not using certain words. I didn’t consider it censorship but rather I wanted them to fully understand what these words meant before they just “threw them out there”. I’m going to do a post on these words and why I thought they were so impactful.

So if we flip this around and realize how positive words can impact in a positive way, we can see how we can influence and encourage our children going back to school.

Vision Board

I think every kid should have a vision board in their room, where they are encouraged to put notes and posters that they see on a regular basis to remind themselves how incredible they are! And also to remind them what their dreams are and to that it is perfectly acceptable to dream big.

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School Individual Choices

School is a time of intense individuality, where children get to make more individual choices which reflect a lot on who they are as people making their way in the world.And we want to help them make the right choices, and you know, it’s tough at that time to “stand out”.

Ways to Encourage and Inspire Your Children

One of the best ways to inspire children is to give them verbal cues. I read somewhere ages ago that one of the best ways to raise a child’s self-esteem is to whisper words of encouragement and love to them while they are falling asleep. The theory is (and I’ll try to find the article to link to this so there is some “science” behind it!) that whatever you say to them will be stored in their sub conscious.

Below are 15 beautiful and inspirational quotes for kids to inspire them as they head back to school.If you scroll down below I have a little surprise for you ❤

LunchBox Inspirational Print Out

I have made a printout of these quotes for you: print it out and tear off one a day and you will have 3 weeks of inspirational notes to pop in their lunchboxes ❤

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